It's life, Right?

Can’t believe I let go.

I’ve never had anyone invest that much in me ever…

I didn’t even notice.

Now I’m scared no one else will.


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The good vibe


The good vibe

Life’s throwing so many punches…
I’m wearing down.

I feel like a boxer pretty much down and out with noone in my corner.
Yet I keep getting up just to get knocked back down.

It’s gotten to the point where things go opposite of how I planned & I just laugh then ask myself, “What else were you expecting?”

It’s only been 13 days & I’m completely drained.
15 days left.


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bad lip reading


motherfucka you gay


I was so concentrated on different aspects of my life.
I forgot to keep my eye on you.
I felt as if you didn’t need me. 
I trusted that you would be okay without me.
But I let go too early.
I turned away for too long.
Kept my back towards you with my focus elsewhere.
I disregarded my responsibilites to you.
I broke the promises I made with you.
I let you down. 
I messed up…

Now here I am patching up your wounds.
Regret consuming my heart.
Wishing I gave you a little more time.
WIshing I hadn’t pushed you aside.
Pain engulfing my mind.
Hoping that I’ll be able to put you back together.
Praying you’ll be okay.

I’m sorry I really am.

I’m gonna be here…
I promise.
No more mistakes.